Security Architecture Review

Ensuring a More Efficient and Effective Information Security Environment

Our Security Architecture Review focuses on understanding your business operations, technical requirements, and regulator mandates that form the foundation of your Information Security environment. Then our experienced professionals review your existing information security architecture and designs to maximize your existing infrastructure. Finally, our professionals design and deliver the enterprise security architecture that best fits your organization’s requirements and business objectives, while providing implementation guidance and support.

A Security Architecture Review provides your organization with a set of actionable recommendations including:

  • A roadmap of information security projects;
  • A list of recommended technology investment areas;
  • Identification of obsolete technologies for retirement or replacement;
  • Recommendations for more efficient use of existing information security technologies and resources; and
  • A risk-ranked summary of critical information security concerns.

WavePort Security’s experts are some of the industry’s most highly skilled professionals. With consulting and corporate information security backgrounds, they are proficient in developing information security architectures that enable a more efficient and effective information security environment.