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We develop and deploy solutions to meet your specific needs.

WavePort Security offers innovative information security technologies encompassing every aspect of your security program. We offer best-of-breed technologies for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your mission critical network and applications. Our seasoned information security professionals apply expert services, industry best practices and the most effective tools available to every engagement to ensure that each and every technology is directly matched to our clients’ specific needs and requirements.  


Defending against today’s infrastructure security threats requires more than simply identifying how many of the latest vulnerabilities may be threatening your organization’s network. It’s also about developing a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy to address shortcomings in your network defenses. WavePort Security’s Network Security solutions provide coverage for these shortcomings while protecting your network infrastructure from malicious attacks, data theft and advanced threats. 


Email is the #1 attack vector.   Business Email Compromise (BEC) is the #1 security problem facing enterprises.   WavePort Security offers deep technical and business insights into protecting your email communications.   Our engineers brings over 20+ years of  hands-on email security expertise with IronPort, FireEye, ProofPoint, DMARC, and other MTAs.



WavePort Security's endpoint security solutions give you the threat protection and data security you need to protect your users and your corporate information across every device and application. And we do it with unprecedented depth and breadth. You get multiple layers of advanced threat protection, including anti-malware, packer variant protection, encryption, device control, data loss prevention, vulnerability shielding, command and control blocking, browser exploit protection, application white-listing, behavior monitoring, web threat protection and more.


Mobile devices are constantly redefining how modern organizations access information. Access to information while outside the office or away from a computer is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. With this increased access to information, including sensitive information, comes increased risks and threats. WavePort Security’s Mobile Device Security solutions provide multi-layer protection by deploying controls to mitigate the risks created by malicious apps, lost devices and employee-owned equipment. 


Critical applications such as collaboration, storage, CRM and ERP are moving to the cloud. This means the critical mass of your corporate data will eventually migrate to the cloud. We make it easy to keep your data safe in the cloud. Our platform works with any user, on any device or location. There is no impact to user experience. And, you don’t have to be a data scientist to understand risks and threats. Quite simply, it’s proven, seamless security.

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